Every day, all businesspeople experience the contrast between what they desire for their company – the ideal scenario – and what the company actually is – the real situation. The challenge lies in reducing to a minimum the difference between these two scenarios.

Thanks to its Whole Intelligence system, an operative tool for analysing and elaborating effective solutions, Capta is a valuable partner in protection of businesspeople and their company assets. Through a strategic-systemic approach, the Whole Intelligence system is divided into the following areas of intervention:

Whole intelligence


Preliminary analysis

This initial analytic stage sees focus on company objectives as defined by the businessperson themselves, in order to identify, in the various areas of competence, a possible difference between these and the real company situation. This process is carried out in dialogue between the consultant and businessperson or contact manager.


Research and analysis of real data

Once the ideal scenario of each company sector has been clarified, this stage then sees careful research, with the application of investigative methodologies, into every tangible element that goes to make up the real company situation.


Elaboration of the most convenient solution

If a difference between ideal scenario and real situation emerges, possible solutions are elaborated, with identification of the most convenient, providing the businessperson with a shortlist of alternatives from which to choose a decisive strategy.


Applicative strategy

Decisions to eliminate the difference between ideal scenario and real situation are put in place with an operational plan that indicates corrective measures, in terms of means and procedures, with consequent strengthening of the company.


Training and consultancy for the company

While correction of procedures and means have immediate effects, realignment of personnel follows different times and methods. For this reason, a training plan must be put in place that moves strengthening of the company and human resources at the same pace.

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