The choice of the word Evolution has for us a sense of essentiality; evolution comes from the Latin evoluti-onis and indicates the action of unrolling the papyrus. It is a powerful image, the idea of sharing information useful for the development of professional figures and organisations.
The intention of Capta Evolution, the area dedicated to Training, Consultancy, Counselling and Coachingis to provide integrated tools for the acquisition of technical and specialist competences and relational and humanistic competences. A fundamental union in the process of continual change in which we are involved as individuals, groups, organisations and companies.

Training is a process that involves professional figures and the company as a whole: offering new awareness (learning to know), promoting the development of abilities (learning to do) and acquisition of competences that are flexible to meet needs (learning to be). ). To all this is added the dimension of continual education (learning to become), a process that must take into consideration cognitive, emotive and sensorial intelligence. In a nutshell, learning in an authentic and long-lasting way means aligning mind, heart and body towards achievement of our goals in harmony with our role.

Consultancy is a course that sees one professional figure flanking another to facilitate the latter’s growth, providing practical tools that meet their needs. This is our interpretation of the role of consultant, using content, tools and experiences to stimulate the development of competences concurrent with our clients’ needs.

Training and Consultancy are accompanied by Counselling and Coaching for individuals, and for micro and macro groups. The aim of all this is to listen, to strengthen learning, and to support during change, flanked in our observation of reality and choices made in a perspective of greater wellbeing and individual and collective efficiency.

Counseling for professional figures and organisations aims to promote individual and system resources to create a change-receptive context, aware of possibilities and oriented towards the construction of work strategies that are increasingly more aligned with the organisation’s objectives.

Coaching accompanies those coached towards a goal agreed on with the client, promoting the use of tools that help to focus on the objectives, times, spaces, resources, and restrictions that must be considered for achieving the desired result..