Harm to company image

Constructed over many years of hard work and sacrifice, a company’s reputation is easily threatened by unpredictable, deceitful behaviour bordering on illegal, perpetrated to undermine the company’s credibility.

Defamation is conduct that intentionally aims to offend and/or discredit the reputation of a person or company, causing serious damage not only in economic terms, but often also threatening the very survival of the company.

In the digital economy, defamation may occur through internet with false reviews,  libel or falsehoods by perpetrators who are hard to identify.

A company’s image is strongly linked and expressed through new channels such as social networks which, precisely due to their “open source” nature, are easy to manipulate and allow authors of defamation a wide margin for anonymity.

How does CAPTA intervene?

Capta uses applied intelligence tools and procedures to gather tangible evidence for use in legal proceedings.

Translation from the Italian website. All references are to Italian legislation